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August 03, 2012


Julia York

Aw - Thank you.

I've been spotting your quilting all over the place this last little while and I love it. So, I was thrilled when I found out that you'd a book coming out... meaning perhaps that I could learn how you achieve those wonderful designs.

Angela Walters

I think it looks great!!! Quilting is the funnest part!!!


love your idea of using wadded scraps to practice on...I might just cast aside everything I'm working on and do the same! I need to do me some swirls!!


I shall be swirling all day once I have finished my last two powerpoint slides for one of next years lessons projects.

I am not a member of facebook (is that abnormal) so can I still be a part of that? Or will I need to join up? I am going away to my sister in laws next week. She was given a sewing machine last Christmas but not sure if the feed dog drops or not. Am joining in though.


I'll have a go over the next week.... I plan to use a quilt top! Well sort of. I'm going to make 12 1/2" block sandwiches and do a different quilting technique on each and then stitch them together QAYG style, so if I make a mistake I haven't ruined the whole thing. I'll have a go at swirls too!

I blogged about this earlier in the week, there's a lot of sewalongs and stuff going on at the minute so I think a lot of people are snowed under, especially with the kids off school too. But hopefully there will be a few more people joining in.

The Leah Day Free Motion Project is a good site to visit too, I'm learning a lot from her.

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