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July 18, 2012


Julia York

Ali - it would be lovely to have you along. I need all the support I can get :)

Ali at Very Berry

Count me in - am just going to order the book. Right now!

Julia York

Andrea - It would be amazing if you'd join in. No pressure, no rules just learning something new, guided by Angela's book.


I would like to join in Julia. Just bought two books from Amazon so can I pop by here and look to see what you have done and do it that way. Free machining is really addictive once you get the hang of it!

Penny Hankey

Regarding gloves, I was given a good tip by Philippa Naylor - she of exquisite FMQ fame - and that was to use 2 small pieces of that rubbery/lacy stuff you can buy in poundshops, B&Qs etc. Its intended for use in drawers or dashboards etc to make things non-slip. It works a treat and means your hands don't get hot and you have full sensation in your finger tips.

Julia York

Thank you for the encouragement.. It'd be great if you'd drop by and keep an eye on us :)

Julia York

Oh ...yes please join me. I'm happy to wait a little longer for you to get the book. We can keep each other going. You can practice with your lovely new sewing machine ... and I can get to grips with mine. (I've bought some quilting gloves... but will I stand them? I usually hate wearing gloves for 'worky' type tasks even gardening ...)


great plan, i'll be checking into see how you get on!

Penny Hankey

Just lately I have been following an online FMQ blog/website as, like you, I was scared to actually take the plunge and quilt a proper quilt top for fear of messing it up. After lots of practice I finally decided to do just that, took the plunge and finished a quilt. Ok, it was just stippling on a fairly large scale but I was really pleased with how it turned out, I even did some free hand trailing leaves and vines in the borders. This has really boosted my confidence and I now want to use some other patterns so I will look forward to Friday to see what you are planning. My best advice is to pick a top that is not too huge and isn't promised to someone other than yourself and (with apologies to that well known sports brand) Just Do It!


I want to paly! I can't order the book for over a week yet though because I'm waiting for payday- I bought a sewing machine this month :S

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