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January 20, 2011



thanks for the tutorial . its a great help for us .And it seems easy too. I will try today to make a cousion.

Melissa L

sounds so easy to follow! im going to give it a try over the weekend!x


Thanks so much for this tutorial - just made myself 4 gorgeous cushions for my living room in a material that I love :)


Thanks for the tutorial, its so simple to follow! Im going to use it to create my own cushions, cept im painting mine with fabric paints. I will post a link to you on my blog when I've finished making them and I post a picture....thanks again!

Helen H

I used this tutorial today and found it excellent - really easy to follow. This was only my 2nd sewing project and I am chuffed to bits with my cushion.


This is a great tutorial, really easy to follow. I'm definitely going to make one or two of these.

I'm writing a blog post linking to easy sewing projects for beginners and this would be perfect. Would you mind if I include an image? Your Creative Commons licence choice seems to allow this, but I just thought I'd check as a courtesy. I can't see your email address but please get in touch via my blog if you have any problem with it.

Thanks a lot!

Mary Jo

Thanks for the tutorial. Your fabrics are very cute! I posted your link on my own blog if you'd like to take a look.

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