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October 20, 2010


Alix of Bigbluebed

I think sometimes I am inspired by seeing a dress on someone else and feel inpired to try something similar. Or I might want or need something (like my wedding dress for next year) and then go looking for the right fabric.

But I can be inspired by the fabric itself. I love touching it and it can ask to become something. And it might sit on my shelf for ages until the right project comes along.


Each to their own I say :) I happen to find Cars, football and clothes shopping boring. I do however find stationery rather exciting - I don't expect everyone to agree, it's good to be different!

Fiona Pullen

I don't think it's fabric that is brong - it's what you choose to do with it that can be boring to interesting. I think if you have a creative mind you can look at any fabric and think of something great to make with it.

Elissa Dossis

No I look at fabric and think where can I hide it! As my addiction is quite bad now I find myself hiding fabric like other women hide shoes and handbags. Plain fabric is not boring at all as it usually the perfect accompaniment to busier fabrics. It also makes the perfect blank canvas for drawing on with my sewing machine! I tend to see fabrics that I like and then think about what I can turn them into. Elissa x

Mary Poppins

Hmmm good question. Yes, I do have a pile of what I call my my boring fabics, which actually like foods, are my staples, used for linings, backs of buntings,simple applique etc etc. I like coloured plain fabics, dont really make my heart sing but wouldnt be with out them, Oh no :0) I am inspired by my children, the country side and for me, try to look more internally for inspiration than the internet, but is hard as i do have my times when the crafting mojo jumps ship, and it is nice to visit new lovely crafty blogs for some much needed inspiration and I so am a fan of pretty photographs :0)

Ohooooo so have my fingers crossed, I would SO love that book, right up my street, thanks for the opportunity of going in the hat.



I think you are so right - boredom is a state of mind - I am always looking a blogs & fabric on the web - there is always so much to inspire me...sometimes it can be the fabric which is the seed for a project or it can be something that I have seen elsewhere is which inspires me to make something. The only trouble is there is so much I would love to make but so little time in which to do it - especially when you are at home with twin toddlers!
Amanda x

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