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October 22, 2010


Ali at Very Berry

Great post Julia. I have been trying to learn from nature - and from art too. And of course, classic designs. The big problem is that I just don't have enough fabric to play around with!


What a thoughtful, colourful and inspiring post - thank you.

Julia York

Thank you. I love playing with colour. Seeing how they influence each other when they lay side by side. Choosing the colours for my next piece of sewing always takes me the longest...longer than the design. I have fabric everywhere... really everywhere and I try it in different lights.Then when I think I've decided I leave it for a while just in case .... :)


I really enjoyed that post. I love colour, which is probably why I find collecting my fabric for a project almost the best bit.


When I trained as a designer I worked as a colourist and so find colour interesting and fun to play with! this is a great post.

Julia York

Thank you. Autumn is one of my favourite times... the light is gorgeous, the colours are amazing and the birds start to be more visible in the garden again. It's a shame that winter has to follow.... I'm not fond of the cold :(


What a fantastic post, Julia! I love the colour of autumn - such a photogenic season! x

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