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May 05, 2010


Alix og Bigbluebed

Ooh perfect! Thank you for sharing asi wwas looking for something like this.

Not for anything in particular but I am sure I can think of lots of ways to use it.

lace hearts

That sounds fabulous - I was wondering recently if there was a product like this.


Ah, I've been looking for this - good old John Lewis assured me there was no such product!


I wish my sewing activities were as soothing and calming as that little video!
Looks like a brilliant product - I may make some placemats for my little grandaughter.


Wow! Great stuff. Thanks- had no idea you could make your own wipeable fabric

Hilary / Haptree

cool - I am going to try some of that, thanks for the heads up!
http://craftbloguk.blogspot.com :o)

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