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February 03, 2010



I wonder that sometimes and apparently she's going to be bringing out a collection of yarn.... how much talent does she have?


Does Amy Butler ever make anything I don't love?


I dribbled. Again! x


How excited am I. I better start saving!!
I've been drooling over hope valley and also can't wait to get my hands on Anna Maria's Little Folk Voilles, they are supposed to be lovely to touch, so fingers crossed that you stock them, please, does begging help?!!!!!


I love that Amy Butler video - saw it a couple of weeks ago and since then have wished my whole life was just one big swishing, twirling, fabric-fluttering dream! Instead I'll just have to wait for you to get your range on-line. BTW I think there will be lots of 'jelly roll' type products, but I reckon, like Hoover, Moda have made their own brand name the one we all use. Like Jenny I'd love to see the voilles too!


oooo, i was just about to order some of the hope valley from the states, but will wait if you're getting it in (when when when i shout) how much of the range will you be getting! i'd also love some of the love too!
how exciting!

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