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February 25, 2010



Sounds like you have a long job ahead of you - but definitely a worthwhile one as it's always great to have an idea of scale when ordering fabric, I know I've made some mistakes in the past when ordering online. Looks like you have some lovely new things in the shop.

Craft Matters

It's a massive job I'm sure but well worth it - I imagine it's the sort of thing that will bring in more sales - it's all about informed choices eh? And of course, you are so helpful in your advice - which really helps too. One thing I have noticed about colours - since doing patchwork I suppose, is the way a fabric's colours can 'change' so dramatically when it's put next to other different fabrics. Sometimes the effect can be so dramatic! That's why your bundle pictures (and looking on Flickr to see what colour combos other people have used) are so useful too.


Yes, tea, lots of it and plenty of biscuits too! Good luck!


That pink Patty Young fabric is gorgeous! Great idea to show them to scale ... like DC I have been caught out before. x


Absolutely! I am always wary of buying prints off the internet, there is nothing like holding it in your hands and examining it, but with the lack of actual shops its getting more difficult. I don't envy you photographing everything, but you are my eyes and fingers (!) so I know I would really appreciate the lengths you have gone to. I'm in the process of de stashing but I'm nearly at a stage when I can 'allow' myself to buy some more so please, don't put your ruler away just yet!


That's a great idea - I for one am always grateful having been taken by surprise in the past by the scale of some prints! Those are very delicious looking fabrics.


I know what you mean about the manufacturers photos not being very good with regards to colours. I have that problem with all my yarn shades and often have to tweak the in photoshop to make them more accurate.


I think that pictures speak a thousand words, but I do understand what a pain it is to have loads of photo's to do!! Scale is great to know for the prints on fabrics though!!
You have a great selection!!

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