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January 15, 2010



I haven't managed to find the sewing calendar in the shops, but it looks great!
Post seems to be back to normal judging by the speed with which I got my latest fabric order from you!


Yay - procured my very own calander with Amy Adams' help. I now have my very own blog http://sewcraftyfox.wordpress.com/ - scary but fun!


Hello. I know this is a bit random but I'm sharing the love and have given you a sunshine award. Just pop over to my blog to get it!


This week will be the first full week of school my kids have done since the middle of December! It snowed all day yesterday, and they are consequently disgusted that they didn't get the day off, but it melted more quickly than the last two lots!


HI Julia,
I have that calendar on my desk because some of my tutorials are in it! My girls have had to brave 2 feet of snow here in Kent. They have been getting hot breakfast though! The litttle troupers have been laying throughout the big freeze. Let's hop that this weather has done it's job in killing off the red mite too.


Hi there, my order arrived very quickly from you. Need to set to work with it later.


Hi, my order only came a day later than usual which is alot better than my Amazon delivery which took a week!

I have that sew calender (christmas gift) some cute stuff in it.


Show us your shelves! I have a storage fetish so am always interested in seeing what everyone else has. Am also green with envy of calendar - sold out on Amazon.uk. Have tweeted to see if anyone knows where I can still get one. Chickens in the snow look fab - really makes their colours 'pop'!


Do not tell your children then that my school had to close for four days. Although we went in twice and had to leave early. I am featured in that calendar, somewhere in October. Juggle bags which was featured on my blog ages ago.
Happy New year to you and I will email you about an idea that I have over the weekend. Just need to sort out my washing machine that has leaked all over my new oak floor in the kitchen.
Take care



The owl is really cute! My kids have dispaired with the weather too as we seem to live in the only green part of the country - although they have been making the most of the ice!
I've started the year off by making miniture versions of the Amy Bulter swing bag for the girls dancing pumps - here's hoping I can keep it up this year. Love hearing about what you're up to.

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