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October 28, 2009



SO pleased Poppy Treffrey has written a book about her techniques - don't know how I've missed this one - I may well have been stood next to you Julia admiring the wares of Treffrey whilst my children were also outside hopping from foot to foot, pulling faces or inside and pulling at me to hurry up.
Thanks so much for reviewing it in your blog and bringing it to our attention.
This is SO going on my Christmas list.


I love your little egg cosy and the book! I think I might need to buy it now lol


Hi - my name is Jenny and, having looked at Gone to Earth and the blog as usual, was thrilled to stumble across this blog entry - I'm the Aquisitions Editor of Free Easy Stitch Style! I love Poppy's work too and knew other stitchers wanted to try out her look, so I toddled down to Penzance to visit the lovely Poppy at her studio and discover just what her 'magic' involves. Then we planned a book that would show stitchers of any ability how they could freestyle too, including shots of Poppy at work and of her inspiring workspace. I'm a huge fan of Gone to Earth and spend WAY too much of my salary on Julia's fab selection of fabric and other bits and pieces (my passion is making bags) so was equally surprised and delighted to see that Julia is a fan of one of MY products! If you win the giveaway above, this book would be the perfect way to use all those odd-bods of fabric. Thanks Julia - your taste is impeccable as always! Love Jenny xxx


ps love the egg cosy Julia - I hope the girls appreciate it. You could make one for each of them with a different motif and their name stitched below it! Jen x


How pretty!

Thank you for finding my little blog, I've just taken a quick look at your shop and I'm in love! I'm thrilled ! I struggle to find wonderful fabric in the UK and have spent (rather too much, my husband would say) importing lovely stuff from the US, but now I have found you. Brilliant! I can see some lovely purchases of Heather Baliey goodies in my near future.

Do pop by my blog again, it is always nice to get visitors.

Kaye Prince

Very cool! That book definitely looks like something I'd like, especially since I just (last night) got a fairly new Janome and am excited to start using it.

Amy Lane

What a gorgeous book! I have a book habit too!! Love your egg cosy, so pretty :)

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