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October 15, 2009



What software is it? I have been a bit blog hopping absent lately so you have probably sorted it out, but my hubby designs on the computer which then gets printed off. he is a boat designer, he may be able to help if you are still having problems. Lovely fabric. I need a few bits, when is your last postal date beofre Christmas?


I like the Mingling one too.

Thank you so much for my fabrics and pattern that I received yesterday - I love the way you folded the fabrics!

Wild Rose

I like the honeycomb and burgundy. It sounds like an extremely frustrating process, but I am sure you will get there in the end.


I like either MIngling plus Fanfare, or Honeycomb with the burgundy, But I am not the world's most adventurous user of pattern and colour ;-)


For me it would have to be the Honeycomb with plain burgundy even though I'm not a "pink" person.

I'm also having problems getting to grips with software ever since I installed the new Snow Leopard. Things I used to do so quickly now seem to take an age but I suppose with practice and perseverance things will soon become second nature. Don't give up! :8) XX


The teal and pomegranate combo- the fist one- is really doing it for me! xx


I agree the blue ice combo would look good and the honeycomb with a burgundy lining. I like the Heather Bailey combo as well because it lends itself to a fun fabric. In fact you are spoilt for choice! Glad to see your website is ok.


I like the anna marie horner ones esp the blue ice combo but then Im not a 'pink' person


I am feeling your frustration!!!!!

What is that software? I have been wondering how I can electronisise my corset patterns? I'm thinking Illustrator but I can't work it! xx

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