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September 16, 2009



The bundles are really useful the draped photos look good as you say. Completed projects are always inspirational give a good impression of the fabric. You already give a good indication of the fabrics your photos are superior to many shops online.


Hi Julia, what a great topic, its brought all sorts of crafty people out of the woodwork! I loved the sample card idea, and I would very happily pay for one too. As I dont have the option of a local fabric shop, I have to buy online and the thing that surprises me every time is the scale of the pattern and the rich colour of the the fabric, (usually I find the pattern huge, pleasantly so, but still a surprise). Also, I hate to go against the grain, but I dont go for fabric bundles, only because I like fabric from different designers and ranges in a project rather than just the one. An idea for all the bundle fans may be something I saw on AM Horners store are pallette piles. Its a huge bundle with fabric from all her ranges arranged in a rainbow . Its seriously gorgeous and will have all those bundle fans drooling!! Take Care.


Beautiful fabrics! I agree that the bundle helps overcome monitor difficulties.

Darcy B

I love the bundles idea--I hate having a fabric I love then not being able to find something that works with it---I keep bits for years sometimes before I find the right project. I have also purchased fabric online--and then when it arrived it looked nothing like i expected--funny though it wasn't the color so much that was wrong---one print I loved online was a closeup--that when the print arrived --it was son tiny it was completely washed out--the other was the opposite --loved the print online when i got it it was so huge that you couldn't see the print---it looked like abstract shapes.


Trying to pluck up the courage to buy fabric on-line as I've never done so before. Those bundles look so tempting. I love the look of the stacked bundles rather than the draped ones. I think I would be more tempted to buy fabric if I saw a completed project. I'm not too worried about washing instructions but some indication of the weight of the fabric would help to make up my mind. Thanks!


The fabric bundles help a lot. And I like both on the bolt and draped photos. Seeing the material in a project really helps. Also seeing the fabric both from a distance surround by other fabrics and close up would be a big bonus for me. Seeing them at a distance helps me put the color and design in perspective. I agree with the other readers that like to fabric composition such as washing instructions and pattern repeat. Using a tape measure or a standard item for pattern size comparison would help a lot.


I have really enjoyed the bundles I've received from you - it's a joy to have someone else do the matching up sometimes!

My main problem with buying electronically is that sometimes the patterns in real life are sized very differently from the way I have imagined them. I think a made up project might help here, but that would be an incredible amount of work! Sample cards are a good idea but I'm not sure how straightforward that would be for you. I have a feeling I haven't helped much!


Funnily, these fabrics look different when draped. But draping them gives us some kind of "visual movement" of the fabric.
When it comes to info. about fabric... I would look out for the material and "weight", I suppose.
I LOVE those fabric quarters you're giving away right now. Hope to win!!! :)


I think the draped photograph gives a much better idea of pattern obviously, but sometimes the other photos give a better idea of colour - both together are a good idea :)


I love the fabric bundles, either draped or not as they give a good idea of what goes with what. A post you did a couple of months ago showcasing Heather Bailey fabrics was very useful, I ordered 3 and was not disappointed and I have found the colours in your photos to be fairly accurate. ( I use a Mac) My main problem is with pattern size, a ruler or tape measure placed along the bottom of the photo would help to give some idea of scale. Another site I use places a 2cm button on the fabric when photographing and this also works well. Showing made up samples would be good but time consuming for you.

Shannon F.

I've seen fabrics pictured next to an item that we all know the color of, such as a red Solo cup. The viewer can compare easily when it is contrasted with a color that is more than likely in your home (ie the orange of a Tide bottle, etc.). What a great giveaway! Thanks!


Beautiful fabric choices!


The bundles are really good and the finished projects - they give an idea of how patterns and colours look together

gtlady (Jane Platts)

I think as some others have suggested, having a ruler alongside the prints, and interspersing them with the plains, and I would include washing instructions, you could say on your home page all washed at 40 degrees unless stated...
p.s how do you do any work, i'd just play with matching up differnt colours/patterns all day!


usually if i'm trying to match fabric i don't buy it online. when i buy bundles i just rely on the grouping from the seller. if i don't like it then OH WELL i still have beautiful fabrics. i definitely like the stacked look better than the draped look for your photos. and the end bundle is great, i'm just not quite sure if it's as brownish as my computer screen makes the first one on the left look.


The fabric bundles are very helpful. I would be very happy to pay for a collection of small sample pieces when you got a new fabric collection in.


I love the bundle pictures and think that the draped just doesn't look right. I would love to see a completed project using some or all of the fabric, though this may be quite awkward and time consuming for you.
You generally put together great colour/pattern combos!

Tia Webb

I have to say, having purchased from your shop B4, that I love the option of fabric bundles! For a start I'm new to this quilting malarky and also a bit OCD so having someone else choose what goes together gets rid of one hell of a headache for me.

The only downside is I end up not being able to make up my mind and buying more than I intended (my fabric stash is getting dangerously out of control! Note to self.....buy less, make more!) which lets face it as a purveyor of fine fabrics can only be good for your business!!!!

Thanks for the giveaway!!



Ooooh, pretty, pretty fabric! Love it!

I always find your pictures more than adequate for judging colours, although pattern is always more important to me than colour I find. And as for washing information and suchlike, I never even think of things like that when buying fabric! If I needed it, I think I'd ask for it!


I love those fabrics!! I prefer the look of them all tidy but the draped look does show the pattern better I guess ;)


Your bundles are really pretty and very useful for people to spark imagination. As for judging colours I usually ask for samples if its really important but usually a couple of shades different to how it looks on my screen doesn't really matter. Washing info could be useful if its not what you'd expect. Pics of the fabric in use would be useful for inspiration and to see pattern size but its a lot of extra work for you. Maybe you could get customers to send you pics of how they used your fabric.


I've only just begun to make garments to wear - all my other textile things have been 'crafty'. I didn't have the courage to buy online for my first project and so waited until I was able to see the fabrics in a shop before buying. However, I think your website is by far the best out there - the colours really are a good likeness and I know I'll buy my next fabric from you. I think I would probably like to see more garments made up in various fabrics, even if it's just a simple skirt, as this really does help put things into perspective.

Rosie Wilkinson

Hi, I think these fabrics look great. Personally I like to see different fabrics used in a project, for me they really help to spark the imagination.

Best wishes Rosie


I just love these fabrics - have used some of the Daisy Chain designs to make a dress for my wee one.
The bundle photos really help - (the standard pictures rather than the draped ones I think work best.....but maybe that's just me!).
I also really like being able to get details of fabric composition (cotton/blend etc), washing instructions, and pattern repeat sizes when buying fabric.
You've got my sewing fingers twitching!


The fabrics look amazing! You have a great eye.

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