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June 17, 2009



Awwww - this is me just catching up on my blogs, thank you so much sweetie! x


Hi Julia - yes, I'm around. Still lurking, just being quiet about it. I've just caught up with your blog and want to say thank you very much. I've admired all those lovely fabrics you've put on Flickr too ... mmmmmmmm. Hpe all is well with you and yours? xxx


Thanks for the award Julia, you may have noticed that I'm very naughty with passing them on though!


Thank you for the award - though I'm a bit like Maria - I always forget to pass them on!

This is a very cute button - lovely. We haven't seen so many ladybirds here this year - have you? As a result there seems to be an explosion in the local greenfly population ...


I like the idea of ladybugs having charisma. Yes, I think that suits them.

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