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June 25, 2009



ooo... that looks like an excellent reason to get ALL my stash out and sit in the middle of my (clean) sitting room floor with it round me, and play away - and if my husband asks what I am doing I can tell him I am 'organ-di-zing' my fabrics and folding them neatly.... he he he


thats fab! and a very neat and tidy way to store your fabrics too! too bad mine are all oddments of pieces.. though I do have a few fat quarters lurking about


How pleasing they look folded like that! I can see how that might prove a welcome distraction from those accounts!


can i come and help you with the fat quarters! i love folding fabric ( and sharpening pencils!!!!) then you can get on with the accounts!


Scarily enough, that appeals to me too. Might have to go and indulge while the children are in the bath ...

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