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June 30, 2009



I love Heather Bailey and her vinrant colours, finaly your blog has let me comment! Great shop and site!


Pop Garden is my favorite line of fabric EVER! I can't wait to see what she comes up with for the fall. Anyone have a preview? or a release date?


Oh, I just adore Heather Bailey fabrics!!!! She is currently my fave designer and I can't wait for her new line this fall. Thanks so much for such a great giveaway!

Wild Rose

Oh, they are all gorgeous!

Marie x


My word I am so inspired by your Blog....I am mentally planning all the gorge stuff I could make now how do I get it into the house with out hubby noticing!!!

Jennie xx

TK Posh

These fabrics are great! Would be perfect for my
designer aprons!


I love Heather Bailey designs. They make great handbags/purses - so lively and pretty.


Hi, back in uk and I might be lucky, you never know... It's nice to ftollow you on your blog anyway .
Good luck to everyone.


What a great post - thank you! Love the fabrics by the way.


interesting post, thanks :)


Awwwwwwwwwwww.....really yummy and pretty colour! Love the combination you did. I am new to sewing, this giveaway definately will enhance my skill and tiny stash :-) Please count me in too!


loving the combinations you've posted - very inspiring.

Joanie Hoffman

Thanks for the giveaway, and for all the photos of the lovely fabrics. I'm almost drooling at the colors and patterns. There goes any extra cash I may have had! The fabric shop is calling me....
Happy days,

Jane Weston

What yummy fabrics!! please count me in...there is so many lovely things I could make with them ;o)

Nifty Thrifty

Wow - what eye candy you have shared with us. I wish I was one of those people who could instantly put two fabrics together and it works. I spend ages ummming and ahhing but get there in the end. Lovely yummy fabrics there x


I would love to win as I am quite scared in putting those patterns together - and now that you've showed me how good they look - I can't wait to try it out. I am keeping my fingers crossed!


Beautiful colours so inspiring! I'm never brave enough when it comes to colour combos. Thank you for the helpful information! x


Just Gorgeous!! i love the pop daisy in rose pattern!!

Sue Cahill

Such lovely fabrics, I crave all the new lines but have not won the lottery, yet! To win your giveaway would be such a rush.

Thanks for the chance.


I have just received a couple of these fabrics from your website and I love them. I just want more!


I am just beginning crafting and am often concerned about colour and pattern combo's - so thank you for the helpful info! Would be estatic to have more fabric.


I am so in love with these fabrics! You are so generous! :)


A very interesting post and some beautiful fabrics. I am not a person who worries about who made what but will combine new with old or anything else that works. I recently used a piece of Kaffe Fassett with a vintage skirt. A perfect colour co-ordination. I do appreciate though that some people are scared of branching out so this well researched post is a great help. Also nice to know about how the designers work. Thanks


Seriously beautiful fabrics. I'm totally addicted to your pictures.


Thanks!:D I also have some of her fabrics and I'm also struggling to combine them!:)

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