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May 18, 2009



That's a lovely idea, and that darla fabric is so beautiful. Who knows where all those odd socks go? I know we lose plenty around here. A very organised friend of mine pairs all her socks in a big net bag before putting them in the wash and never loses any, but she's a much better housewife than me!

chickadee cards

Lovely pillowcase. Isn't it weird...I have a pile of socks in the airing cupboard waiting for their partner. I keep hoping they will turn up but they never do...

Perhapd it is time to just throw the odd socks out? :-)


That is a great idea, for your old cot sheets, I think I'll have to do something similar, as I have quite a few spare sheets!


Lovely pillowcase! sheets dont seem to wear out like they used to! I guess that's the wonder of polyester. But i shall certainly look at charity shop sheets witha different eye now!!



I've heard that socks are the larval form of wire coat hangers.


Hi, that pillow case is really pretty. It's such a good use for an old cot sheet. Now what did I do with mine?


That is so very pretty!I have a hankering to jazz up some plain white pillowcases now.

Wild Rose

Hi Julia,

I think that it is good to get distracted sometimes ~ it is amazing what you can find with a bit of a clear-out. And the result is soooo pretty!! I hope that missing sock turns up.

Marie x


Fabulous work Julia - that is gorgeous. This sock thing is indeed a mystery - my daughter's socks also disappear with monotonous regularity. :-( x

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