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May 20, 2009



Gosh it would take me forever and a day to work out how many squares etc I could get from a fat quarter as opposed to a skinny quarter - I'd just give up and drool over the lovely fabrics!



Thanks for this, I knew what a FQ was, but it's good to read about the actual dimensions. Now I'm not going to answer what a Fat Eighth is as I'm guessing it's a trick question ...!! I love the photos of the delicious fabrics


Hi - That fabric is Mingling Line by Anna Maria Horner. It's a gorgeous blue! It's suprising what fabric does.... sometimes I get bored with looking at certain designs and then someone will buy it alongside something different and voila! it sets the fabric antennae going into hyper drive, you see the patterns and colours afresh. Others, you think what on earth attracted me to buy that? Then you cut it off the bolt and you can see exactly why... fabric can look so different when it's off the bolt as a small piece. Then you just have to get sewing to see what you can do with it.

As for the Amy Butler contest, I still haven't heard if I'm eligible as I sell the fabric and the contest is intended for customers. I must post the link to the Sewing CD of projects that Amy's just bringing out ..... some of them look amazing. In fact I had some money for my birthday so I might treat myself :)


Thanks so much for posting this. I've come across the term before and always wondered what it meant! :)


I like the fabric on the cutting mat in the first photo! i L
Hate cutting into lovely new fabric, but if I had whole bolts of fabric like you have I would never make anything!! I would just be sitting there drooling all the time.
I think I may need to go and have a lie down.
Got an email today from Amy Butler's website about ther contest. I have just commited myslef to a quilt challenge so I will have to pass on this one.

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