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April 30, 2009



another beautifully described and photographed tutorial - thanks


It looks lovely, such a great idea it adds a little va va voom!.
I've never worked out how to insert a zip into the top of a bag. Any suggestions for tutorials or anywhere I might find out how to do it?

Kitty Ballistic

Very pretty and effective - love the fabric too.

I have a handy hint for you re: seed bead spillage. If you drop some beads on the floor and can't find them, tell your husband not to walk barefoot near your work area. Dead cert that he'll find them, and let you know (loudly). Also works for tiny pieces of headpin which 'ping' off when you snip the wire, needles, and pins. :-D

chickadee cards

Ooh, very pretty bad and pull!

chickadee cards

Of course I meant 'bag' not 'bad' (doh)


This is beautiful and perfect for the spring.


Lovely zipper pull and beautiful bag! Really enjoyed reading this tutorial - very clear instructions and great photos!


Really very pretty and soo professionally done. I love the colour combo's!


They do make a pretty touch to a purse etc. Go on how may times was it? I useually find them again when I am vacuming the carpet!!

Dolores Sedore

Ohhhhhh, this is so nice. So much better than the yarn I was using. I will be trying out the beaded zipper pull next time I make a pouch. I just have to get some of those head pins. Many thanks.


Verrrrry pretty!


It looks gorgeous. You're right - it is one of those finishing touches which make all the difference. x

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