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March 17, 2009



These are fantastic! Very impressed! I added them to my link love blog post today.

Account Deleted

this is really beautiful! Thanks for sharing:)

Julia York

Thank you for all the lovely comments. It's good to know that folk are actually finding it useful. Jx

amira sung

it's good...thanks a lot...

Julia York

I'm pleased that you've enjoyed making it. :)


i made this and it looks beautiful on my t-shirt. thank you so much......

Karen Clark

Wow, very neat!! Thanks for sharing


I have tried 3 different fabric flowers now and none of them have turned out looking very great, but yours is totally awesome!!! I am so excited to show off the flower on my little girls skirt!! Thanks, oh, and if you have anymore awesome flowers, please do share! (ps. I love that you used origami, I LOVE origami.)

aliza patell

oh my wow! thanks. have been trying to to the kanzshi fold for ages but it comes out looking wrong. this is perfect and looks remarkably similar.

My Heritage Fabrics

We're linking, too: myheritagefabrics.wordpress.com

Thanks for a great tutorial. It is very popular here for girls to wear silk flowers in their hair--this is a nice, new look at the trend. These flowers work very well on contour clips or similar.

marion w

hi thanks for the tutorial that flower looks great will have a go soon

Anni D

It worked first time! I was so pleased. Thanku so much for such a great pattern, so good of you to share!


Fabulous! Thank you soooooooo much for sharing this tutorial

hair accessories

That is lovely! Making that little flower is so much fun. Thanks for the great tutorial, all the step by step photos really helped! I'm going to try it =)


thanks for the tutorial, what a cute flowers..i'm going to make a bunch of it.


Lovely! I'm linking from my blog!


These are gorgeous! Thanks so much for the wonderful tutorial.


This is just the cutest brooch and so easy to make with your great tutorial I'm so happy I found your site thanks so much for sharing it with all of us who would never have come up with the idea on our own thank God for people like you with this great talent!!


ohhh how cute is this....I am going to put a link on my Freebies blog if thats okay to direct them here...hugs Khris

Marion McCarthy

Just loved the flowers. Will be making some to put on my granddaughters cardigans. I'm sure they will want to make them too. thank you. Marion


This is really sweet, thanks for sharing.


how beautiful. Thank you


I love making these! Great tutorial and very clear - I like the way you varied the petal size - I never thought of doing that, but it looks really effective.


Those are so lovely - I had a go and I fear they are going to be addictive!

Thanks for writing it up.


This has to be the prettiest flower brooch around, thank you for sharing.

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