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March 17, 2009


Julia York

Thank you :)


thanks for the beautiful and briliant tutorial. thanks a lot.


Thank you for this brilliant step by step tutorial. I made this with ease and it was the perfect finishing touch to a project I'd been working on. I'm sooooo happy!


Hi, I found this tutorial on Pinterest and "pin-tested" it on my blog. I linked back readers to you for the tutorial. I really like your work here and my flower turned out really cute. If you like, you can check out my post on it here: http://lilouwyn.blogspot.com/2012/10/mod-flower.html Thanks for sharing!


very Pretty work...


loved the tutorial and have already made a few of my own too and okay so its not totally perfect like yours but i think they look totally gorgeous!!! will be uploading them to my facebook page tonight! thank you a million!!! no make that a gazillion

Julia York

What a lovely thing to say - Thank you. I hope you enjoy making your fabric flowers.


I've read alot of tutorials in the past few days and this has the be the BEST written one so far. Your insturctions are so clear and pictures are wonderful! Thank you!!


Thank you so much for your tutorial, we used them to make flowers to sell at our school summer fayre (to raise funds for school). I have blogged about it today and linked to you, I hope that was ok? Thank you again

Kunda Naik

ur flower n the tutorial is AWESOME...
simply loved it...
will definately try it out...:)


wonderful post! thanks for sharing! :)


Perfect! I'd seen these lovely flowers and had been wondering how to make them thanks so much!! Very well photographed and written you rock!


Just now found this and immediately made one in our team's colors! Love it! Now only to decide for me or daughter?


super likee thanks for sharing


Just saw these fabulous flowers and had to make one. I pulled out some fabric and was surprised how fast and easy they were to make. Thanks for sharing. Bobbie


a beautiful item with great instructions and photos. Well done

Julia York

Thank you Bridget... enjoy them :)


These are Awesome!!! I will definitely try these!!!


Thanks for this. Pink Chalk Fabrics sent me over. Can't wait to make one.

Julia York

A lightweight to medium weight fabric is best. I've seen it made out of voille but it doesn't hold it's shape as well. J x


What type of material should be used to create this flower?


Thanks for the tute! I made one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nanceykl/5565746939/

Julia York

I'm pleased you like it. I took a peep at the one you made and I love it on the bag. Beautiful!


Thanks for sharing this! You can see the one I made here: http://allison.gryski.com/2011/02/fabric-flower-pin.html

Julia York

Louise - Thank you, I'm really pleased you like it.

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