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March 09, 2009



love your items they are a great inspiration. never seem to have enough fabric though - so here's hoping

Anna Charlett

haha! Just realised 2 years too late!! So much for random websurfing! haha. Great to hae found your blog anyway... :)

Anna Charlett

yes please, if I'm not too late, please add me to your draw! :) Anna


I guess I'm too late:(
But if anything is still left, I'd love to have it.
Thank you


Ohhhhhhh I am really excited to have won :-) What do i need to do now...... :-) first time i have ever entered a giveaway let alone won one :-0 ohhh i am a happy girl, can you tell?!?!?!


I would love to give them a home.



Fabric is a great giveaway. Thanks for the chance.


I would love to have them!


Ah, yes, Spring is finally in the air! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

isabel f.

beautiful fabrics, please count me in :)
hugs Isabel


Looks lovely, be nice to have some different bits and pieces to inspire.


Lucky you getting chickens and bees! Hope the clearing/digging is going well and you've made the most of the lovely weather this weekend - sounds as if you have a lot of work ahead.

Please count me in for the fabric giveaway!


i would love to give the fabric a new home. good luck with the allotment


Thanks for the giveaway!


oooh, yes please count me in


Oooh! Please stick me in the giveaway draw :D

Have you kept chickens/bees before? We're considering getting a hive just now but I'm concerned about the 1 in 3 hives failing last year thing. I dunno - I'd hope that in a working garden or allotment using little by way of pesticides there would be enough pollen to keep bees busy and happy.

We've kept our hens for just over a year -if there's anything I can offer by way of advice or info, give me a shout. It's brilliant fun and you'll never look back :D


I'd love to win those fabrics. Generous of you to give them away.


How exciting! I really miss our allotment - when we first got it it was completely overgrown but the council strimmed it all for us, it was a huge help as it is so daunting with such a large plot to clear. How lovely to be able to keep chickens and bees too, I've always always wanted a white wooden beehive!

barbara myltschenko

ohh what a wonderful spring giveaway, although we have a forcast of snow here today!

Wild Rose

Hi Julia,

I'd love to be included in your giveaway ~ you have some lovely fabrics.

Marie x


Thank you for putting my name in.
Good luck with your allotment.


Ahh, look at your field! We've just taken on a new allotment space that looks like that. We're trying to persuade a local farmer to come and plough it but I think we may be onto a loser. Still, lots of space for spuds if nothing else!

I'd love to be entered into your draw - thanks for the chance.


Hi J
Oooh is that an Allotment field or a portion of field you are renting from a farmer? did you have a link to the beekeeping project?? Good luck with it. I absolutely LOVE my allotment and could never imagine life without it!

Love to win some fabric.


Sue Cahill

I could give your castoffs the most wonderful home, they would be perfectly content in my stash and I would love htem as I love all my fabrics.

Thanks for the chance.

Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)


Such lovely fabrics - I will be keeping my fingers crossed!

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