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February 04, 2009



The scarf challenge looks great, look forward to seeing what you make! Best of luck with the creative habbit, havent read the book, but love the 'white room' page too. R

Lace hearts

It sounds like you've had lots of snow: we still have lots lying around, but is now raining!
I like your sewing pouch - yes, please, a tute would be good. And I can't wait to see how the scarves turn into a bag. I daren't look at that link, or I'll be on the pooter the rest of the day. LOL


I'd be seriously grateful for a tutorial, that's a really cute little case. You should whip some up on etsy!


Lovely makes there Julia ... I especially like the little pyramid pin cushions. I loved Andrea's 'scarf bags' so look forward to seeing yours. Off to check out those bags/purses now ... wish I could make brilliant bags! x


Lovely sewing pouch! and I don't think too 'textily' .. Creativity - is something that is unique to everyone and how they express themselves. For some this might be crafting as we know it, sewing, knitting, making things ... for some it might just be the flair they use when doing their normal jobs, even if it's in an office, or on a construction site - anything. Some forms of creativity are less tangible, some say the creativity of one's soul - or the soul of any living thing, from a person, to an animal, a plant, or rock, pebble or grain of sand, is expressed simply by the way that thing looks. In other words, creativity is everywhere and in everything. Yes in the genes, but also in the spirit. xx

x vInTaGe VioLeT x

i like the little sewing pouch but i would prefer something more modern in the fabric design ,saying that though i think it'd look great in a floral liberty print too. i carry my sewing about in an old christmas card box! so i think a tutorial would be great!
my kids are my best critics!


OOhh that top scarf looks interesting. Cirlces and bold colours! I have come to a bit of a stand still as I have run out of scarves. Qiuck off the the charity shop everyone! I have enjoyed this challenge for the very reasons you have put in your post.

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