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January 26, 2009



Thank you so much Julia! You've made me smile ... it's a lovely award.
Well done on your 2 awards - this is a lovely blog with some fantastic tutorials. Keep it up. x

x vInTaGe VioLeT x

awww - thanks for my award and well done on yours too,
sometimes i feel a bit weird when i talk about my friends from cyber space but TBH i speak to more people online than i do in real life nowadays!


Thank you very much for the award. I have as yet to work out so much on our Mac and rely on my 12 year old to teach me so much. But I do love the look of said computer which I think is important in a William Morris kind of way (Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful).


Not one curse has passed my lips!!!!!! THANK YOU! That really is very kind of you - I'm chuffed (honestly!). Congrats too on your very well deserved awards. I didn't realise that you had a Mac, I love 'em, the problem is I spend far too much time playing with them ....
Ps The sewing machine has actually made it on to the kitchen table and been plugged in, there's progress for you


You must be the Queen of awards! Guess what?I've nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award. You can collect it from my blog, http://sewchristine.blogspot.com/

Wild Rose

I'm glad to see that so many others agree with me that your blog is deserving of these awards.

You will have to post a photo of yourself ~ then I'll know who to look out for when I'm walking down that street!

Marie x


Many thanks for the award. They are a nice bit of blogging fun and nonsense. Thanks for my order, it arrived super fast and shall be used this Friday! I have got my eye on some fabric too, maybe Valentines?.


beautiful awards! congratulations! you deserve them! x

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