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November 28, 2008



Hi I love all of the flower brooches that you have made.
The colours of your recent martini in yellow is so pretty. I am wanting to make a flower corsage or brooch for a handbag are they easy to make?


What a cute bag! I tried sewing a coin purse with a metal frame in it, and I couldn't figure it out. I kept bending the frame. Thanks for stopping by my purse blog--I really appreciate it.


I love the bag. Is it for sale?? x


I love the bag and matching broach. Its always great to hear some good news-matching bags with changeable handles, a bit like the watch with 10 straps and economical too. It could catch on!


I think it's very pretty - and I love the brooch. Thanks to all the ideas you sent, I can see lots of yoyos in my future!

x vInTaGe VioLeT x

oohh gorgeous!


Lovely! That bag fabric is gorgeous, and I love the way you've used it.


I love the way you've made that bag, with the fabric design centrally placed like that - it's so pretty. Great idea about interchangeable bags too! x

Lace hearts

Absolutely fab bag and brooch - I've never heard of a metal lined bag before, but the idea makes sense.


Clever! I have a fixed sliver necklace/chocker that I interchange dangley beads necklace bits etc. Diffuclt to explain but I have one actual necklace that I change the centre focus to suit the outfit.
I have used other snap frames but I may tackle this to see how it goes. Always like a new challenge you know. Could use my lovely new fabric couldn't I?
Bye for now.


Very pretty, I love them both.

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