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October 24, 2008


Wild Rose

Delightful Julia!


That is fab - perfect for keeping treasures safely inside!

chickadee cards

Absolutely gorgeous fabric AND finished article!


Love,love,love it!
Maria x


The Fabric is amazing, I am a complete sucker for pink and green!

The pouch is stunning and I can't imagine it in any other form!

The relationship between you and fabric is a winning one!

I hope your darling daughter never knows ;) those moods are something else!
Oh, how my heart sinks, the second, I am aware of one on the horizon.

~Buffy x x


I love that base. it must help to keep it upright as well. I personally like flowery material and that it has its place as well in creating things.
Could you give me the web address for your lady who does the on-line course and I will get in touch with her to see what else she teaches. many thanks.#


Very cute!! I love that spotty fabric ... don't suppose you've got the green or pink versions?? xx

Lace hearts

Absolutely gorgeous - how clever are you! I've fallen in love with the fabric. It's very similar to a cream backed Globaltex one I keep having to splurge on.

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