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September 18, 2008



The bag is lovely and you can never have too many buttons! I need to find a good button outlet though as I am bored with the ones in my local shop. I also love to find vintage ones but sometimes they can be pricey.

Hen x


OOOOOh I do like the way you used the buttons here. I love buttons can I am gradually converting my students too. I love random quilting too. I am going to have a look around your blog now.


I just stash buttons I'm afraid! Love the pouch it is so pretty. I know exactly what you mean about the breathing thing!

Lace hearts

I love that - it works so well! Definitely a good use for buttons. I also stop breathing when I'm really concentrating on something, and have to remind myself. Funny, isn't it.
Thanks for leaving me a comment. I can see I'm going to be spending a while checking out your lovely website.


I do the same with the breathing or should I say not breathing. The bag is very sweet.
I have trouble with free motion quilting as the speed is very difficult to control on my janome when doing free motion. It goes so fast. I'm coveting a benina at the moment but I need lots of pennies for that!

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