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July 22, 2010


x vInTaGe VioLeT x

ooh count me in - i've barely started on the FQ's i won - yo-yo's don't use much fabric!


Thanks for the opportunity to enter. Love the new look to your blog.


That looks like a fun book! I love books like this for brainstorming and just generally flipping through for inspiration. Thanks for the giveaway chance, and I *love* your shop!


Found your new home. Love the header.


I'm not sure if my comment posted (I seem to always have problems commenting on Typepad blogs for some reason) but I'd like to be entered into the giveaway xx


I would love to be entered for this draw! I need a few exciting ideas! ;o)


Oooh! I really need this book! Need lots of lovely inspiration to convince me to actually use some of my fabric hoard!

Craft Matters

Brilliant giveaway. I currently have an obsession about using scraps of fabric (because I have so many *shame*). So am keeping my fingers crossed! I've promoted it on my FB page too - hope people are starting to find you over here.


Ooh I loved the little promo video they made for this book. I'm not very good at using up smaller remnants of fabric from a project, my imagination always seems to fail me! As well as always eyeing up fat quarter bundles and thinking 'they're gorgeous, but what will I do with them?'

Kaye Prince

I would absolutely love to win this book! I had the pleasure of (finally!) getting to meet Melissa at Quilt Market in May but was unable to get a copy of the book. Melissa is just fabulous!


I have jut the fabric for that bag! Great giveaway - count me in :)


Is blog moving house easier than real house moving? At least you wouldn't have to work out which box goes into which room. Hope it went smoothly. Thanks for this lovely giveaway - it will help me 'move' some of my stubborn stash along!


ohh ohh ohh pick me pick me! *jumps up and down*

fab giveaway will tweet about it!


Sounds like a handy and interesting little book!

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