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January 08, 2009



what a brilliant little piece of material the suffolk puff is,my friendand i are making toys from them for our day centre ,
but my mind tells me there no end too what you could do wth them.
a group project for a day centre springs to mind. a wall hanging maybe. your tutorial has proved a hit with the dissabled ladies that go to our centre thanks for a great site. encouragement springs to mind here. what better way to re cycle old rags. well done.


Oooo great tutorial, I'm definitely going to have a go and will stay tuned for the heart yoyos, I've got one of those little plastic heart shaped yoyo templates and it's so small and fiddly - or perhaps I'm too big and clumsy :)
Twiggy x

Wild Rose

Hi Julia,

Happy New Year! It is interesting to learn the history behind these fabric yo-yos.

Marie x


Lovely! And yes please for heart shaped yo-yos. That quilt is rather inspiring and I am wondering whether a yo-yo quilt might be just the thing for my friend's new baby. Hmmm... thanks for giving me the idea.


Cool! That's great Julia - so interesting to learn a little history as well as the tutorial. I have never made a yo-yo but if I ever do, I'm coming back to your tutorial! x


oooh! yes please to heart shaped yo-yo's :)
Great tutorial, thanks Julia :)


Hi, thanks for the great tutorial. I will have to have a go. I have a yo-yo maker and I don't know if it was just me being thick but I got in a right old muddle with it and ended up dicarding it in a temper. It is a small one and was rather fiddly.


I have made a few yo-yos.. well maybe about three in my learning to sew, but I knew nothing of the history of yo-yos so thank you.. and I would love to know how to make a heartshaped yo-yo.

Lace hearts

I love making yo-yos, and you've made that tutorial so clear for people. The pictures are fascinating - I love that little cardy/shawl.
Thanks for the fraycheck comment - I'll hunt online for it. Don't like the thought of the smell though. LOL! x


Oooh, a cushion cover?! I have been wanting to make a crochet one but that would take years. Yo-yo's - hmmmmm, there's a thought.

Lovely tutorial!


Heart shapes? yes please. In fact I like my Yo YO ornament so much that I will admitt that I have not put it in the Christmas box! It is still hung up in the dinning room. How daring is that! I love it and I want to see it everyday. The star is also still up to keep the Yo Yo decoration company!
I will be back for the hearts.


Very good tutorial and I am sure at some point I will give this a whirl!!! Thanks

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