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November 21, 2008



Now that I've seen a pile of 30 odd yo-yo's I think I might lie awake wondering what you would do with them!

I'm thinking you have either a rebound or repeat of yo-yo's.

Love the misery of ramblers, but if I'm not mistaken, you have a parliament of owls and a murder of crows...


Hi Julia - Maybe it should be a round of yo-yo's - or a circle of yo-yo's - although then what would it be if the yo-yo's were heart-shaped? Maybe just Lotsa Yo-yo's? In your photo it looks like it might be apt to call them a huddle of yo-yo's. How about a bunch-a-cool yo-yo's? ;o)


hi, have no idea if the book is easy to find, I bought it in a small knitting shop in Battersea. I can scan and e-mail you the pattern if you would like, they are easy and quick to knit.


can't think of a collective name for yo-yo's, yard was a good idea but not as fab as a misery of ramblers!


Maybe a trick of yo-yos? Or how about a gathering of yo-yos?

Check out this site for some interesting fictitious collective names:


Something alliterative might be nice? A yard of yoyos? A yomp of yoyos? A yen of yoyos? A year of yoyos? Did they make you tired, making them? A yawn of yoyos?

I'm all 'y'ed out I think. x


What are you planning with all those yo-yos? I made my first recently, and they were fun to do but I'm not sure what to use them for!

Wild Rose

I can't think of a collective term for yo-yos, but I did like the 'Misery of Ramblers!'

Lace hearts

Oh, I like making yo-yos! You've been busy with them.

x vInTaGe VioLeT x

oohh - are they easy to make then? i fancy making something while dp watches hours of mindless drivel on tv!
no idea what you'd call a yo-yo collective although that sound cool itself - lol x

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